Choosing a Notary

Can I choose a Notary for my legal affair?

You are free to choose a Notary, but the Notary may not leave his official district. However, if legal transactions have impacts outside the Notary’s official district (which almost invariably is the case), this will, of course, not prevent the Notary from recording these transactions. For instance, where a real estate purchase agreement is to be recorded, it is irrelevant where the property is situated. Also, within his district, the Notary is free to leave his office and establish the deed at his client’s request elsewhere in the district, i.e. we, Notaries Dr. Marius Kohler and Hans-Jürgen Grünhage within our district in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, can also offer to come to your office and advise you there at-site if only you are located in Hamburg.